Tristan - Now Mobile Friendly
Posted on October 22, 2014

We are pleased to announce that all 15 pages of psychic medium Tristan Rimbaud's
official website ( are now optimized to be mobile friendly or have mobile version's themselves.  Across all new platforms such as smartphones, tablet computers,
and smart TV's; Tristan's website will load accurately with official news, psychic predictions, poetry, and more!

This is just one way New Life Old Soul™ is dedicated to easier, more reliable services
in the New Age community.

Visit ( today on your preferred device!

© New Life Old Soul™: A Tristan Rimbaud Company

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Poem - Bound
Posted on September 13, 2014


Your self-powered confusion brought upon your eager selfish side.

No need for disagreement, for rightful deeds be done.

Accept your self-disabled side,

For what you see around you isn't truth.

Your pathway is blocked by boundaries such as you.

Read this poem and more in Through Psychic Eyes
by Tristan Rimbaud available in paperback and digital editions.

© 2005, New Life Old Soul™

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@TristanRimbaud - Twitter Reaches 35K Followers
Posted on August 25, 2014

We are pleased to announce that psychic medium Tristan Rimbaud has reached
more than 35,000 followers on his official Twitter page.  In celebration, a new custom
background featuring Tristan's 2005 memoir, Through Psychic Eyes can be seen
on his Twitter page across all platforms.

With more than 380 unique tweets and more than 90 photographs (as of August 2014), @TristanRimbaud is a great Twitter page to follow for spiritual quotations, photographs,
and more!

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E-Book Edition - Through Psychic Eyes
Posted on July 20, 2014

New Life Old Soul is pleased to announce the release of the e-book edition
of Through Psychic Eyes, the 2005 memoir by internationally known
psychic medium Tristan Rimbaud.

Through Psychic Eyes is now available on the Google Play store app
for only $3.03 US (price may vary).

Click here for the Google Play product page.

Custom banner advertisements for the e-book edition can be seen throughout
Tristan's official website (

Purchase your copy and read about Tristan's work as a psychic medium
on your smartphone, tablet computer, or laptop today!

Copyright © New Life Old Soul™: A Tristan Rimbaud Company

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Notice - New Office Telephone Number
Posted on May 29, 2014

New Life Old Soul would like to announce a change in Tristan's office telephone number.

From the desk of Tristan Rimbaud:

"We have had problems over the years with subtle static on our phone lines
that the telephone carrier was never able to fix.  As such, we have changed
carriers to allow better reception and have a new office telephone number. 
Please update all your contact records to our new telephone number;

1 (502) 500-8029

The old telephone number will remain active for several months but will not be able
to take any voice-mail messages.  Please leave all future correspondence on our new line."

This change has already been made on Tristan's official website (
This is just one way New Life Old Soul is dedicated to easier, more reliable services
in the New Age community.

Copyright © New Life Old Soul™: A Tristan Rimbaud Company



Tristan Rimbaud (born Christian Dale Hirstein) is an American psychic medium,
writer, and businessman.  As sole proprietor of New Life Old Soul, he has
celebrated international acclaim as one of the most accurate and youngest
psychic mediums in the world.  Tristan remains a media fixture with more
than 200 guest expert appearances on radio and television programs worldwide
including the FOX reality series Trading Spouses showcasing his gift of knowledge
from beyond the physical.  He is an award winning poet who has written three books
and has authored several articles and horoscopes for various newspapers, magazines,
and Internet websites.  He offers psychic telephone readings for clients across the globe
and is the sole proprietor of original content for his official website (

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